Combining quality and expertise

French vines are inextricably linked to the terroirs that support them. From the Bordeaux to the Rhone Valley, from Beaujolais to Burgundy and on to Alsace, Philippe intends to cover all the wine-growing regions and grape varieties in France. Each soil has its own unique characteristics that create original flavours and bring great diversity to the French wine landscape.

Mindful of the quality and authenticity of the wines he offers, Philippe Ardisson carefully selects his partner winegrowers.
Supported by their expertise, Philippe Ardisson then selects exceptional products.

He takes great pride in getting to know each of his winegrowers and works alongside them at every stage of production, from harvesting to bottling, with the aim of obtaining the best wines derived from a common value: conscientious hard work.

Each region has its own unrivalled terroirs, grape varieties and flavours that Philippe Ardisson, a traveller and great wine enthusiast, wants his impassioned customers to discover.